No Excuses. Play Like a Champion, But …

Anyone else think Vince Vaughn is funnier than Will Ferrell?

So, we had a nice little ice (well, lots of ice — I hacked my way through what was about 2 inches of ice on my car, breaking my scraper — then snow that melted and turned into more ice) storm in Kentucky last week. Louisville got pretty hammered, losing a lot of electricity, and other smaller cities, like Murray, got flooded pretty badly to where people needed to be evacuated. Lexington, where I am, got smacked fairly well, too. We didn’t lose as much electricity, but as Wednesday wore on, the lights in the ole’ apartment began to flicker. As a result, I decided against burning what could have been precious computer battery. The lights continued to flicker every once in awhile through Thursday, and apparently, they went out at some point Friday night because it knocked out my clock and I was almost late for class.

As for the weekend, I headed back to Louisville, and when I go back, I have to hang with old friends I don’t get to see much. Therefore, there wasn’t much time to get on here.

As for the beginning of this week, the teachers decided that it didn’t matter that we missed class. We still needed to do the reading and homework because they weren’t pushing the tests back. Isn’t it weird how they’ll change things around for one missed class, but they refuse to budge if you missed a couple days (by the way, I essentially didn’t have class Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday)? So, I spent the last two days catching up on reading I didn’t think I had to do quite yet. Of course, the teachers don’t tell you this over email on the snow days. They wait until you come back to class. Then, I couldn’t do anything over the weekend with other things going on. You see where this is going.

Anyway, I am back. I’ll get a “This Day …” post up shortly, and one more at least by the end of the night. For future reference, I’m changing the schedule around a little bit as life is throwing some curveballs, some pleasant and some not so much, my way. This is the plan:

“This Day …” — hopefully posted around 1 in the morning (note this is now the first thing)
mini-bio — somewhere around dinner time
other — at some point later

“This Day” — hopefully around 1 in the morning
After that, it’s what I can get up depending on how things play out

“This Day” — probably posted around 12 or so
After that, it’s what I can get up, but there will probably be more here than say on Friday

“This Day” — probably around 12 or so
Probably nothing after that as this day is premium homework day, but there might be an additional post if I feel I need a break

Sound alright? As usual, if there’s something you feel should be covered and talked about, let me know. Also, look for an extra-special interview coming up soon!

Thanks for understanding.


3 Responses to “No Excuses. Play Like a Champion, But …”

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