Quick Historical Question

Oh, how original. T-shirts.

I haven’t mentioned anything about PED’s and steroids because I generally stick to things not occuring at the present, but I did, however, reserve the right to get angry at the present. Therefore, I have a few comments on the past few days.

1) Dave Cameron is wonderful in every sense of the word, and his post on FanGraphs perfectly states what I had been wondering in the aftermath of A-Roid. Why does everyone always think this is the “worst” thing to happen in human history? It’s not just baseball, but it just happened to really hit home with the abundance of idiotic “worst scandal in sports history” comments I’ve seen. You can’t call it a historical moment until it is … well … history. You have no idea how this will impact the future. You can assume, but honestly, we’ll probably just go back to completely ignoring it like the 1970’s when people popped greenies like it was their job (or was it?).

2) Why do we hammer Alex Rodriguez and not Ed Walsh? Ed Walsh cheated when threw a spitball, and there was even a rule against it. They just didn’t “enforce” it (sound familiar?). Why don’t we hate the players who used amphetamines?


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