Yogism of the Week

I’m so glad he looks like he acts.

I love, and I think most do, Yogi Berra. He was a great player, and he has a great personality. One of my favorite commercials of all-time is the AFLAC commercial with him in it. TBS played it incessantly during Braves games, but it was one I never minded. Anyway, every once in a while when the mood strikes, I’ll bring up a Yogism when it’s pertinent to what’s going on in baseball. This week’s:

It’s not too far; it just seems like it is.”

In the light of Alex Rodriguez’s admission of using PED’s, people continue to wonder when the end of these admissions/leaks will arrive. During times like this, we tend to feel like we’re caught at the “End of History”, so to speak. Will this period ever end? Will we ever be able to trust players again? The truth is that we collectively have short-term memories. It feels like it will be decades before we’ll move past this, but my guess is that it will take another decade before this “Steroid Era” becomes like the amphetamine era. Sure, there’s more media coverage that wants to bring it back up and more often, but that also means they’ll need a new story and new scandal to write about it. Once they find that story, this will be put in the past. That day isn’t too far away; it just feels like it is.


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