Fantasy Fun

I wanted him, but I picked sixth.

If you don’t like fantasy sports, then don’t read any further. I just finished my first live draft, and I think it went decently well. However, I can definitely see my team falling flat on its face, but that can probably be said about most. Anyway, here’s the team in all its glory. Before I present them to you, scoring is based on OBP, HR, RBI, R, and SB for hitters and W, L, SV, ERA, and WHIP for pitchers.

C – Brian McCann –> Couldn’t pass him up for here.
1B – Jason Giambi –> Hopefully, he doesn’t fall off a cliff, but he joins a much improved Oakland offense.
2B – Dustin Pedroia –> Can’t expect last year’s production, but he shouldn’t tail off too much.
SS – Troy Tulowitzki –> I’m expecting a big bounce-back year.
3B – Casey Blake –> Steady but unspectacular.
1B/3B – Kevin Youkilis –> Hopefully, a full year in the 3 or 4 hole should get those RBI’s up.
2B/SS – Orlando Cabrera –> He should score hitting in front of Holliday and Giambi (double points!)
OF – Ryan Braun –> I didn’t mean to take him, but I’ll take him for his counting numbers.
OF – Carlos Quentin –> Just don’t break your damn hand.
OF – Corey Hart –> Not much for OBP, but he gives some SB and other counters.
OF – Shin-Soo Choo –> He better be that good. Please?
OF – Fred Lewis –> Age 27 season, here we come!
UTIL – Joe Crede –> Take advantage of Mauer and Morneau and stay healthy.
Bench – Denard Span –> Hopefully, he leads off, gets lots of SB, and scores.
Bench – Ian Stewart –> Put him in left Colorado. Do it.

SP – Chad Billingsley –> I took him too early (apparently), but I like him a lot.
SP – James Shields –> About to take the next step?
SP – Ricky Nolasco –> A healthy year would be nice.
SP – Derek Lowe –> Steady, productive, and, hopefully, healthy.
SP – Chris Volstad –> All upside on this pick.
P – JJ Putz –> Steal some saves, will ya?
RP – Kerry Wood –> Stay healthy. Stay healthy.
RP – Francisco Cordero –> Doesn’t get any pub, but hopefully, he’ll stay productive.
RP – Grant Balfour –> Get some K’s and, hopefully, most of the saves.
Bench – Jeremie Guthrie –> WHIP, ERA, health, and stability after gambling otherwise.

I like my team. I feel like it has a nice balance offensively. Pitching-wise, I took a gamble on those young Florida guys, but I think it’s a pretty good staff as well. I don’t think I put myself in much of a hole to begin with. Any thoughts? I’m usually optimistic of my teams, so I could use a healthy dose of reality.

Did I have a strategy? Not really. For hitters, I tried to get guys in hitter-friendly parks, and for pitchers, I tried to get pitcher-friendly parks. Other than that, I just made it up as I went.


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