Fantasy Fun 2

I can’t believe I forgot to draft him.

Okay, I promise this is the last time for this season that I will do this. I know most people don’t care, but I figure I’d share my second team. I think this one is a better one than I put together the first time, but let me know. Offense is based on OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, R, and SB, so you’ll see I favored the big hitters. Pitching is based on W, K, BB, HD (yes, holds), SV, and ERA.

C – Russell Martin –> Expecting a big year from the Dodger backstop in a loaded lineup.
1B – Carlos Delgado –> Please, god, don’t decline now.
2B – Dan Uggla –> Still should be good for 30 HR, 90 RBI, and 100 R, and from the second sack.
3B – Aramis Ramirez –> He doesn’t get a whole lot of pub, but he’s excellent.
SS – Hanley Ramirez –> I wonder who had the first pick of the draft. This guy.
IF – Justin Morneau –> I got him in a trade (Kevin Gregg, Yovani Gallardo). Just need a healthy Mauer.
OF – Manny Ramirez –> I was big on Ramirezes, and I love all three.
OF – Ryan Ludwick –> I can’t imagine he’ll be that good again, but he shouldn’t drop off too much.
OF – Pat Burrell –> Yeah, this is cheating a bit, but he adds onto the power/no speed trend.
OF – Nelson Cruz –> Okay, so I drank the Kool-Aid, but so has everyone else.
UTIL – Mike Lowell –> He’s looked good so far this spring.
Bench – Shin-Soo Choo –> Yep, second time on my time. I have a hunch.
Bench – Chris Snyder –> Solid, but I wonder how many AB’s Montero steals.
Bench – Casey Blake –> Dependable, just in case.
Bench – Cody Ross –> Need the repeat, if not improvement.

SP – Roy Oswalt –> Stud, but please start better this year.
SP – Cliff Lee –> Don’t expect ’08, but he should be somewhat close … right?
SP – John Danks –> I wonder about this one, but there’s plenty to like.
SP – Brett Myers –> Need a ’08 second-half version. God, not the first-half.
RP – Matt Lindstrom –> Got hurt about an hour after the selection.
RP – Mike Gonzalez –> Just stay healthy, and we should be good.
RP – Chad Qualls –> I’m betting he keeps the closer spot and that Arizona wins 95.
P – Grant Balfour –> Get me my K’s and HD’s.
P – Aaron Cook –> In full disclosure, he was added after the Morneau trade, and he should grab some W’s.
P – Rafael Perez –> Can he repeat ’08? Also added after the draft.
Bench – Hideki Okajima –> Using holds makes him valuable.
Bench – Kelvim Escobar –> Holding onto him for the first month and then watch out.

I really like this team, but every time I like a team in fantasy football, it usually fails miserably. Offensively, I went pretty heavy for OBP, HR, RBI, and SLG, leaving SB and potentially R for others. Luckily, we don’t include defense because Martin and A. Ramirez are probably the only capable defenders I have. Pitching-wise, I took what I could get, focusing mainly on SP (remember, I had Gallardo as well). I went bargain shopping for SV.

I had all these sheets for the first draft and didn’t really use them, so I scrapped them for this one. It’s amazing being in live drafts. It feels like eternity between picks, but you never have enough time when your turn comes up.


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