Baseball Over Here (as in America)

Further Note: I’ve been told that it may have to do with the specific software you use, and that the threat is probably more of a way to count who comes to the site and not a real threat. So … if you listened to the previous note, your computer should now freak out every time you click on an ad from that site. Oops.

Note: I went to the site on my own computer (was at school in the library when I read it), and my malware and virus scanners noted a threat. This would be a good time to remind people about needing malware protection (Malware Bytes and SUPER Anti-Spyware) and virus protection (AVG — all these are free by the way). Also, make sure nothing got into your computer. It’s still a good article that you should read, but make sure you are protected as well.

He doesn’t look like A-Rod.

Ron, over at Baseball Over Here, has a new gig writing for Baseball de World. For his first article, he talks about the similarities between Alex Rodriguez and Babe Ruth but how they are viewed differently. It’s a good read, and you should head over to read it. Even if you don’t want to, do it anyway.

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