Opening Day Trivia Answers

It was a rough day for aces yesterday.

Okay, so we’re back with the answers. If you didn’t see yesterday’s questions, go to that post first, and then come back for the answers. No peeking. Cheaters. Anyway, as promised, here are the answers.

1) Who holds the Braves record for most consecutive Opening Day starts and with how many?
(Chipper Jones started his 14th on Sunday)

2) Who was the first President of the United States of America to throw out a first pitch?
(William Howard Taft in 1910 — you got this if you paid attention the other day)

3) In 1974, on which swing did Hank Aaron hit his 714th home run?
(on his first swing of the day)

4) Who threw a remarkable 9 shutouts on Opening Day?
(Walter Johnson)

5) Who was the first person to hit 3 HR on Opening Day? The last?
(George Bell in 1988 and Dmitri Young in 2005)

6) The longest game on Opening Day lasted how many innings?
(15 – Tigers vs. Indians 1960)

7) Only no-hitter on Opening Day belongs to whom?
(Bob Feller 1940)

8) In 7 Opening Day starts, what was Greg Maddux’s record?
(6-0 — tried to trick you there)

9) Who holds the record for most wins without a loss on Opening Day?
(Jimmy Key with 7)

10) Two players have hit 8 HR on Opening Day. Who are they?
(Frank Robinson and Ken Griffey Jr. — but Griffey hit number nine last night)

11) What President threw out the first pitch by throwing one in each hand?
(Harry Truman in 1950)

12) Ted Williams sucked on Opening Day. True or False?
(False as he hit .449 with 3 HR and 14 RBI — did you really think he did?)

13) Who has the most Opening Day starts in history and how many did he pitch?
(Tom Seaver with 16)

14) How many different pitchers will the Red Sox have used on Opening Day after today?
(59 – trick question as it would have been 60 if they played yesterday)

15) Who won last night (Sunday)?


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