This Day in Baseball History: April 13th, 1963 and 1984

He looks so young … and less criminal.

On April 13, 1963 and 1984:

Pete Rose collects his first and 4,000th career hits.

The Cincinnati Reds signed Pete Rose to an amateur contract during the 1960 season, and as soon as he came to the team, he made an impact. In the minor leagues, he was known for a great bat but poor glove. In 1961 and 1962, he would hit over .330, but he would also commit over 20 errors in each season. However, his bat was enough to be noticed, and after a spring injury to Don Blasingame, Rose got his first chance with the big club in 1963. Impressing the team and manager Whitey Ford enough (Whitey called him “Charlie Hustle” after he ran after being walked — no one knows if it was in jest or not, but Rose liked it and kept it), he started the season with the team.

But his career didn’t start too kindly. The all-time hits leader would go 0 for his first 11. Then on April 13, 1963, he tripled off of Pittsburgh pitcher Bob Friend. He added 8 more triples and 169 more hits on his way to the National League Player of the Year Award. Possibly feeling a sense of accomplishment or just trudging through the dreaded “sophomore slump”, Rose faltered the next season and would be benched by the end. Getting back on track, Rose had his first 200 hit and .300 average season in 1965.

Twenty years later, Rose began having issues. His average dropped to .245 in 1983, and people wondered if he had it anymore. Then playing for the Phillies, the Phillies no longer wanted him as a starter, and Rose refused to accept a minor role on a team. The Montreal Expos stepped in and gave him a contract. On April 13th (this time in 1984), Rose collected his 4,000th hit off Phillie Jerry Koosman, but this time, it was only a double. He would be traded back to the Reds later that season.

Trivia Time (I might start doing this every day; we’ll see)
Who are the only two players with 4,000 career hits, and who is next on the list?

Things should be back to normal. I needed a break for a little bit, and then, I went home for Easter. I didn’t get anything (including homework) done. But there’s some good stuff lined up for the rest of the week. Hint: There’s something historically significant coming up.


8 Responses to “This Day in Baseball History: April 13th, 1963 and 1984”

  1. Ron Rollins Says:

    Rose and Cobb. Hammerin’ Hank is 3rd.

    It’s not fair using Braves for your trivia questions.

  2. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    It’s not fair? First, you got the question right. Second, Cobb and Rose were not Braves and were part of the question.

    I don’t intend for these things to happen. Just because my franchise gets successful people and doesn’t lose all the time … 😉

  3. Ron Rollins Says:

    Game on!!!!!!!

  4. Ron Rollins Says:

    Game on!!!!!!!

  5. Ron Rollins Says:

    And I know more baseball history than everyone else around.

  6. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    Narcissistic are we?

  7. Kevin Says:

    Everybody knows that any good trivia question always has a Yankee in the answer!!!


  8. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    Okay, Kevin lost his privilege to speak.

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