Sunday Frivolities

The King of the One-Day Wonders

In a post over a wezen-ball, Lar mentioned something about someone doing a post every once-in-a-while about this section on Baseball-Reference called “Frivolities”. He then suggested I do it, and because I love random information, I will do a post on something from it every Sunday as part of a new Sunday lineup around here (stay tuned for the next post). I hadn’t heard of this part of the site before, but there are lots of good stuff. Should be fun. Today, we go with the “Cups of Coffee” guys, those who only played one game in the majors, for our source of trivia, and we’ll run through some fun facts.

Those with home runs in that first game
– Zero, but I guess a home run might get you another game or two.

Most RBI’s
– 3 by John Paciorek, Tony Ordenana, Louis Graff, Aubrey Epps

Most hits
– 4 (of 5) by Ray Jansen

Most runs
– 4 by John Paciorek (come back next week for a story about this man)

Most strikeouts
– 4 (in 4 at-bats) by George Goetz, but he was a pitcher
– 3 by Joe Campbell, Budd (???), Nate Berkenstock, and Harry Dooms who were all outfielders

Most triples
– 2 by Ed Irvin who went 2 for 3

Most wins
– 1 (obviously) by 29 of the 511

Most saves
– 1 (obviously) by 10 of the 511 but only John Slagle and Harry Hedgpeth didn’t give up runs but Slagle made it interesting giving up 3 hits and a walk while Hedgpeth only gave up a hit

Most innings pitched
– 12 (did you think it was only 9?) by Monty Swartz who gave up 17 hits and 6 earned runs

Most complete games
– 1 (obviously) by 78 of the 511 with Len Gilmore on October 1st, 1944 being the last

Most hits
– 26 by Allan Travers in 8 IP

Most runs
– 24 by Travers and McDoolan (???) in what must have been “Save our bullpen” days
– 20 by Lewis (???) in 3 IP also deserves mention

Most earned runs
– 20 by Lewis (???) in what must have been horrifying to watch

Most walks
– 10 by Chris Haughey, Smith (???- you’ve got to be kidding), and Al Krumm

Most strikeouts
– 12 by George Knight who gave up 6 runs (2 earned) in a complete-game victory

No complete game shut-outs were thrown, but Clay Fauver threw a complete game without giving up an earned run (4 unearned). Kid Keenan gave up 9 unearned runs in 8 IP without giving up any earned runs.

Fun stuff, thanks Lar.


3 Responses to “Sunday Frivolities”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I think the above mentioned Allan Travers was the seminary student that was recruited by the Detroit Tigers(along with all the other players) to play a game because the Tiger players were protesting a Ty Cobb suspension. I’m pretty sure the future Father Travers has no regrets.

  2. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    Hmm, nice tidbit. I’ll look into that.

  3. lar Says:

    Hey, good stuff, Mark. I knew this type of thing was right up your alley. And I like the name, too. Frivolities should always be saved for Sunday 🙂

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