Reading for the Week

This should be fun.

I will be trying to read a few books while on vacation, but for the rest of you who are perfectly content in the blogosphere, here are a few sites (all on the right) to check out after you look through the rest of the posts on here.

Shysterball because that’s probably where most of you came from anyway.

It IS About the Money, Stupid! because he’s one of the few sane and rational Yankee fans out there, which endears me to him more than most even though he does like the Yankees of all teams.

Jorge Says No! because you need your random pictures and videos to get you through your Post-Manny Stress Disorder.

Baseball Over Here because you don’t know enough about baseball in the rest of the world, and Ron does.

wezen-ball because he always has awesome posts.

The Common Man because Random Thursdays are always random and on Thursdays.

DMB World Series Replay because even though it mostly “didn’t happen”, you learn a lot about baseball history along the way, like who was William Sunday?


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