This Day in Baseball History: March 25th, 1960

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On May 25, 1960:

George Crowe hits his 11th pinch-hit home run.

George Daniel Crowe likely won’t land on many of your radar screens for baseball history, but today, he did something fairly memorable. As a member of the St. Louis Cardinals at this point, Crowe made an appearance at the end of a tightly contested affair with the Milwaukee Braves. Warren Spahn and Larry Jackson dueled the entire night to a 3-3 tie entering the bottom of the ninth. Jackson had just finished the top of the inning, but when it came to the bottom of the inning, Spahn found himself on the bench in favor of Don McMahon, who was nothing special in 1960. However, he was able to register two outs while giving up a double to bring up Alex Grammas, who was certainly nothing special with the stick. Instead of letting Grammas hit, manager Chuck Dressen brought in pinch-hitter George Crowe. Crowe rewarded the move by promptly belting the ball over the right field fence for the walk-off home run.

What made this home run even more special was that it was George Crowe’s 11th pinch-hit home run, passing Smoky Burgess and Gus Zernial for the all-time lead in pinch-hit home runs. He would add three more by the time he was done, bringing his total to 14. Since, Gates Brown hit 16, Jerry Lynch hit 14, and Cliff Johnson is the new clubhouse leader with 20. Dave Hansen and Craig Wilson hold the major-league record for most pinch-hit home runs in a single season with 7, each, in 2000 and 2001, respectively. I can’t definitively find who is the active leader, but I’m guessing Matt Stairs is there somewhere as he has 16.

Crowe’s career didn’t last too much longer after his big home run. He only played 7 games the following season and never made it back to the big leagues. Although not a great career by any means, he had a few nice seasons. At age 32, 1955 was probably his best, but he would make his one All-Star team in 1958. He almost made it in 1957 when Redlegs (that’s what the Reds were called) fans tried to stuff the ballot to get all the regulars in. Crowe was narrowly beat-out by Stand Musial.

Trivia Time
What other very famous home run was hit today?

Saturday’s Answer –> Ian swooped in with the right answer. It was indeed Ken Boyer.


One Response to “This Day in Baseball History: March 25th, 1960”

  1. Ian Says:

    I’m going to guess Ted Williams’ 500th career homer for the trivia question.

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