Strikeout Fun

Rough night at the dish.

Chipper Jones struck out 4 times last night. Why does that matter? Well, it was the first time in his major league career that he accomplished such a feat. He had played in 2059 (1992 starts — Chipper made his debut in 1993, coincidence?) straight games without doing so. Just for fun, I looked up who had the longest streaks without having a four-strikeout game in the last 55 years (courtesy of’s Play Index, of course).

*- denotes entire career

Carl Yastremski – 3222 *
Hank Aaron – 3172 *
Robin Yount – 2742
Rafael Palmeiro – 2712 *
George Brett – 2658 *
Al Kaline – 2619 *
Cal Ripken – 2615
Luis Aparicio – 2534 *
Joe Morgan – 2486 *
Ozzie Smith – 2473 *

Chipper Jones – 1992

Chipper is 38th on the all-time list for most consecutive games without striking out 4 times in a game and getting the lovely parting gift of a golden sombrero. In response, Chipper just chalked it up to another 0-for-4 game in his career, and he refused to blame his toe, which he really looked like he re-injured in his second at-bat last night. During his last at-bat, he just waived at the ball, not putting anything behind the swing. Could be because he just wanted to hit the ball, but it could be because his toe wouldn’t allow a full swing. You just don’t see Chipper give away at-bats like that very often.

Want to know who went the longest without having a three-strikeout performance? Bill Buckner with 2229 games. Ozzie Smith was next with 2129, and Tony Gwynn was next at 1878. It drops off precipitously after that.

Most starts without a strikeout? Nellie Fox at 98 games, and he also had the 4th longest at 47, two streaks of 39, 2 of 37, and one of 34 (all in the top 25 all-time; only Dave Cash and Felix Millan even have two streaks in the top 25). The next is Clint Courtney at 65 and Greg Gross at 64, dropping off after that.

Most consecutive starts with 4 K’s? Oddly enough, 2 is the longest streak, and it is shared by only 6 people — Todd Linden, Jay Buhner, Ken Caminiti, Dave Hostetler, Ruppert Jones, and Gorman Thomas.


2 Responses to “Strikeout Fun”

  1. jorgesaysno Says:

    Nice analysis. It’s great reading stuff like this.

    It’d be great to find out who in the last 10 years went the longest time without striking out….is there a way to figure that out?

  2. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    Juan Pierre seems to be the new Nellie Fox. He leads from 2000-2009 with a 31 and 30 game streak and two other streaks. But the only batters who are “power hitters” on the list are Pujols, Bengie Molina, and Luis Gonzalez. Eckstein and Luis Castillo are also popular names on the list.

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