This Day in Baseball History: June 6th, 1986

Who does he look like? Some actor, usually plays a bad guy, military/action movies. On the tip of my tongue.

On June 6th, 1986:

Steve Boros was ejected before the game.

Steve Boros was a third baseman from 1957-1965 (mainly in the majors from 1961-1964) for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds. However, for a third baseman, he didn’t hit particularly well, never posting an OPS+ higher than 99, and he didn’t stick around very long. He played a few more years in the minors before finally becoming a manager in 1970 in the Kansas City Royals organization, and he would be a coach on Whitey Herzog’s Royals teams in the late 1970’s. In 1983, Boros earned his first managerial position with the Oakland A’s, but he wouldn’t last much into 1984. Two years later, the Padres gave him an opportunity.

Then came June 5, 1986. On a wild pitch, Bip Roberts came racing home, but home plate umpire Charlie Williams was paying attention to the catcher, his back to home plate. Atlanta catcher Ozzie Virgil flipped the ball back to the plate to try to get Roberts. The throw was late, but Williams didn’t see it. However, Williams called Roberts out. Obviously livid, Boros came out to argue. Williams promptly ejected him from the game.

Before the next game on June 6, 1986, Boros had a present for Williams, and it wasn’t just the lineup card. As is customary, the managers came to home plate to exchange lineup cards. Before they got that far, Williams realized that Boros had something else — a video tape. Boros brought a replay from the night before to prove his point, and he was instantly ejected — before the game started and before lineup cards were exchanged. Probably not the best way to handle it, but it is amusing.

Trivia Time
Who was the shortstop for the Padres in those games?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Tommy Byrne somehow pitched 1,362 innings while walking 6.85 batters per 9. As Dan guessed, not many have pitched 5,000 innings (9 according to, and Nolan Ryan has the highest BB/9 at 4.67.


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