This Day in Baseball History: June 8th, 1950

I wonder how he did in those games.

On June 8, 1950:

The Red Sox beat the snot out of the Browns.

It was a lopsided matchup to begin with. The Boston Red Sox would go on to win 94 games, finishing third behind the New York Yankees (98 wins) and the Detroit Tigers (95). The St. Louis Browns went on to lose 96 games, finishing second-to-last above the pathetic Philadelphia A’s who lost 102.

On June 7, the two teams matched up, and it was no contest. 23 hits and 20 runs later, the Red Sox stomped all over the Browns, who could only drive in 4. On June 8, things actually got worse. The Red Sox set the contemporary record for runs scored in a game with 29 runs in a 29-4 decimation of the Browns. It set the all-time, even today’s record, for most runs scored in consecutive days. A day later, the Red Sox added 7 more runs to the tally, but Browns fought back this time, plating 12. The Browns would go on to give up 232 runs in the month, but they actually had one of their better months at 13-18.

Remember back in a trivia question when I said the major-league record for most runs against a team in a season was 218 by the Chicago Cubs against the Philadelphia Phillies? Well, the Red Sox almost beat that record. The Red Sox went on to net 216 runs against the Browns. Besides a mid-September series in which the Red Sox only scored 2 and 3 runs (though they scored 12 in the other contest) in a couple games. Otherwise, it was a healthy diet of 7-12 runs a game.

Trivia Time
Ted Williams led the 1950 Red Sox team with a 168 OPS+, but who were the three players with substantially more RBI’s than Williams (97 to 144, 144, and 120)?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Bruce Sutter


One Response to “This Day in Baseball History: June 8th, 1950”

  1. Kelric Says:

    1950? Vern Stephens, Bobby Doerr and the first baseman whose name I never remember.

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