This Day in Baseball History: June 9th, 1999

At least the man’s interesting.

On June 9, 1999:

Bobby V wears his sunglasses at night.

In a game on June 9th, the New York Mets met the Toronto Blue Jays in an interleague matchup. The Mets were humming along at 31-28, 6 games back of the eventual division champion Atlanta Braves. The Blue Jays, as it seemed they always did, were on their way to another third-place finish.

Rick Reed met David Wells in a game that wouldn’t be over quickly. Reed went 6 innings, but Boomer went into the 9th. Up 3-0, Wells was on cruise control. First up, Rickey Henderson grounded out. Edgar Alfonzo followed up with a single. Next, John Olerud bounced into a fielder’s choice, and it appeared that Wells would grab a victory. But Mike Piazza laced a single into center, moving Olerud to third, and two pitches later, Piazza stole second (it doesn’t say defensive indifference). Undeterred, Wells pitched to Ventura, but Ventura grounded a single up the middle, scoring both runners. After Billy Koch came in for Wells, he promptly allowed a double to Brian McRae to tie the game. For the next 3 innings, the teams battled. In the top of the 12th, Craig Grebeck was given first base on a controversial catcher’s interference call, and Valentine was out of the dugout. Saying those sweet magic words, he was tossed.

But it wasn’t the end of the night for Valentine. He came back to the dugout with new clothes and a Groucho Marx disguise. Television cameras caught him, and he was suspended for 2 games and fined $5,000 for his stunt. A year later, he pulled out the disguise again to attempt to loosen up his team.

As for the game, Rey Ordoñez finally ended the game with a single in the 14th.

Trivia Time
Who does Bobby Valentine manage now?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Kelric nailed it (mostly). Vern Stephens (144), Bobby Doerr (120), and first baseman Walt Dropo (144) had more RBI’s than Ted Williams that season. I’m impressed anyone got any. Nice job.


One Response to “This Day in Baseball History: June 9th, 1999”

  1. Ron Rollins Says:

    I should know this, but I can't remember, and I don't want to cheat and look it up.

    Seibu Lions.

    I'm sure that's wrong, but that's the team stuck in my head.

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