This Day in Baseball History: June 12th, 1983

Hall of Famer or not, Murphy was a good man, and we need more of these stories.

On June 12, 1983:

Dale Murphy belts two home runs.

Dale Murphy was known for his ethics. A devout Mormon, he didn’t drink, wouldn’t grant interviews unless he was fully clothed, and wouldn’t allow women to embrace him in photographs. When out with players for a meal, he would pay the check, as long as alcohol wasn’t on it. In 1987, Sports Illustrated called him the Sportsman of the Year for his efforts. Anyone around baseball would tell you that he was one of the finest men you could ever meet.

On June 12th, he met a little girl in the stands. Elizabeth Smith had lost both hands and a leg when she accidentally stepped on a live downed power line. She came to the game, and Murphy went up to meet her. He brought a cap and a t-shirt and talked to her for a bit. Her nurse pulled him aside and asked him if he could a hit a home run for Elizabeth. Unsure of exactly what to say, Murphy responded, “Well, okay.”

In one of those moments that makes you think justice exists, Murphy stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the third and drilled one over the fence. Three innings later, Murphy added another one for good measure. 1983 was another great season for Murphy. He won the MVP Award in 1982, and his performance in 1983 would garner him another. Murphy went on to dominate through the 1987 season.

Trivia Question
There are 10 others that have won back-to-back MVP Awards. Name as many as you can.

Yesterday’s Answer –> Ichiro! in 2007. Well done, Bill.


4 Responses to “This Day in Baseball History: June 12th, 1983”

  1. Kelric Says:

    Hmm… Bonds is the easy one. Frank Thomas. Joe Morgan. Mickey Mantle. After that I need to start guessing. Juan Gonzalez? Stan Musial? I don't think DiMaggio ever did it, but he won a few. Jimmie Foxx? Hank Aaron? Johnny Bench?

  2. Ron Rollins Says:


  3. Dan Says:

    I'm amazed there have been 10 back-to-back MVP winners.

    Interesting to think that in the last 25 years the Braves have had two center fielders that looked like Hall of Fame locks at age 29 or so.

  4. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    Just shows you what running around out there for 162 games a year can do to you.

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