This Day in Baseball History: June 16th, 1953

One of the most interesting men in baseball.

On June 16, 1953:

The Browns beat the Yankees, 3-1.

In the last season the St. Louis Browns would exist, things weren’t going very well. April was a solid month as the team went 7-6, but things rapidly descended in May when the team went 11-18. But the team got even worse in June. The first game went fine as they defeated the Washington Nationals 3-2, but the Browns would go on to lose 14 straight heading into their matchup against the eventual World Series Champion New York Yankees.

As you can imagine, the Yankees were quite the opposite of the Nationals. In April, they stormed out of the gates, winning 11 of their first 14, and they followed with a spectacular May, winning 16 of 24. Indeed, after losing on May 26th, they wouldn’t lose for their next 18 games, leading them into their next series against the hapless St. Louis Browns.

But as can happen in baseball, any team can win on any night, and it happened on June 16. In front of over 30,000 people in Yankee Stadium, the Yankees went on to lose the game 3-1 as Duane Pillette, he of the 4.48 ERA and 7-13 record, threw very well. The victory snapped both streaks, the Yankees 18-game winning streak and the Browns’ 14 game losing streak. I wonder if any other matchup has seen two teams on such opposing runs meet in a game and snap those streaks.

For the rest of the season, each would go on with life as usual. The Yankees took the next 3 games in the series, and they went on to win 99 overall (they only played 151 that season). When October rolled around, they rolled the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-2 in the World Series, in the last of 5 consecutive. The St. Louis Browns went on to lose 100 games that season. July would surprisingly be worse for the Browns. They went 9-22 in June, but only managed 7 wins in 30 tries as they netted 2 7-game losing streaks during the month.

Trivia Time
True or False: Yogi Berra won the MVP Award that season.

Yesterday’s Answer –> Below .500 but just barely at 119-121.


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