This Day in Baseball History: June 22nd, ????

One of the all-time greats and only Hall of Famer born today.

On June 22:

These players were born, making their fathers very happy.

Ian Kinsler in 1982
Jason Motte in 1982
Brad Hawpe in 1979
Willie Harris in 1978
Kenshin Kawakami in 1975
Esteban Yan in 1975
Russ Snyder in 1934
Walt Masterson in 1920
Carl Hubbell in 1907
(For a more complete list, go here.)

First, I would like to wish any fathers who read this a belated Happy Father’s Day. I spent mine with my family at Churchill Downs losing money. We were there for about 8 races, and I didn’t cash a single ticket. If I bet on a single horse, they came in fourth, and if I did an exacta, they came in first and third or third and fourth, neither of which were very beneficial. Unfortunately, even my dad didn’t win as his luck was as good as mine was. But overall, it was a pretty good day, and I hope yours was as well.

As for the list, there weren’t too many good or even long-tenured players on the list. Carl Hubbell is the only Hall of Famer on the list. Ian Kinsler might be the second, but he still has plenty left to do in order to reach it. Regardless, he’s really the only other guy I could see being in the Hall of Fame from the June 22 birthdays. Brad Hawpe is a pretty good player, and Jason Motte might turn out to be something. Kenshin Kawakami has been doing better of late. Otherwise, there’s not much there.

Trivia Time
What sometimes irritating current baseball announcer/former pitcher was born yesterday?

Saturday’s Answer –> Roger Connor was 23rd at the time and is now 467th.


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