This Day in Baseball History: June 27th, 1987

Even as a “little guy”, he still had plenty of pop.

On June 27, 1987:

Mark McGwire hits 3 home runs and drives in 5 runs.

1987 was Mark McGwire’s rookie season, and what a rookie season it was. Big Mac would go on to take the Rookie of the Year Award unanimously. In 151 games, he hit .289/.370/.618 for a 164 OPS+. He nailed a rookie-record 49 home runs and drove in 118 along with a career-high 28 doubles. Interesting story around the 49 home runs. McGwire hit his 49th on September 29th, and he had 5 more games to accomplish his 50th. On the very last day of the season, his wife went into labor, and without hesitating, he rushed to her side, forgoing the chance at 50 home runs.

On his way to such an awesome season, June 27th was a memorable moment, but not for Ken Schrom. Schrom only lasted 3.2 innings in the 13-3 drubbing, but he would only give up one home run to McGwire. In the 1st, 5th, and 9th (nice spacing), McGwire would hit his three home runs for the day. Reggie Jackson, in his second stint in Oakland, and Carney Lansford added their own home runs. The other bash brother, Jose Canseco, went 3-for-5 with an RBI but no home run.

McGwire had belted two home runs in three different previous games, but this was McGwire’s first three-homer performance. Somewhat surprisingly (at least to me), McGwire only did this 5 times in his career. However, in the Retrosheet Era (1954-present), only Sammy Sosa has more 3-homer games in his career with 6. Dave Kingman and Joe Carter each tied McGwire’s five. Barry Bonds had 4. Hank Aaron only had one. Albert Pujols already has 3, so he might be able to beat that record. I guess this is harder to do than I thought.

Trivia Time
Who was the other unanimous Rookie of the Year Award winner in 1987?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Tris Speaker. Well done boys.


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  1. Ian Says:

    Benito Santiago?

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