Don’t Kill Me

Sadly, I won’t be at a game this weekend. Are they even at home this weekend?

So … I’m headed out of town again this weekend. Last week was Lexington. This week is Chicago to see some family up there. I won’t be back until Monday, so there won’t be anything up until that night. Go read some of the All-Star stuff I’ve put up lately, and after you’re done with that, head over to these sites:

– Just to whet your appetite, Josh over at Jorge Says No! did a book review on the new Thurman Munson biography. I am also reading the book, and I will have a review up sometime early-to-mid next week. Once you’re done looking at that, look at Rollie Fingers still rocking the ‘stache.

– Seriously, if you make up your own “Lineup for Yesterday” (well, I guess “today” in this case), either you have too much time, too much creativity, or you’re just a big baseball fan. Not sure which describes Bill, but he made up his own. Due to the difficulty and time to do such, you are obligated to read it.

– Lar takes a look at recent history by reviewing pre-season predictions. Needless to say, mine aren’t very good, and I would have made the Edinson Volquez mistake of voting for Pablo Sandoval for ROY. Actually, don’t look at that. Go look at this, this, or this.

– Back to the too much time thing, I’ve started reading 1924 and You Are There!! Jeff Polman goes back to 1924, plays Strat-O-Matic, and then tells you what happened in the contemporary lingo. I’m glad someone does this because it’s just cool, but that’s a lot of work.

Luis Tiant does not equal Aroldis Chapman and Jose Contreras, and Ron tells us why. I didn’t even know Luis Tiant existed. Does that make me a bad person? I can’t be expected to know all the players in history, can I?

Kid Nichols and dealing with World Series rain. Okay, the second part isn’t factual, but seriously, DMB has rain? Awesome.


2 Responses to “Don’t Kill Me”

  1. Dan Says:

    Enjoy Chicago. Great city.

    If you want to know more about Luis Tiant, I'm finishing up the book "The Long Ball" which does a great job of weaving the 1975 season and postseason together. Lots of interesting stories: The free agent offers Catfish Hunter got, Bill Lee's involvement in busing politics in Boston, MC Hammer and Charlie Finley, etc.

    You can buy it used on Amazon for six whole cents (plus shipping). /shill

  2. jorgesaysno Says:

    Trust me Mark, you're going to love the Munson book. It's really, really, really good.

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