Rounding the Bases

Only part of this post was devoted to the above.

A few comments about things as the Trade Deadline gets here.

– Lots of trades on the penultimate day before the deadline. Are there usually this many trades on July 30th? If not, why this season? And for everyone saying that no one will take on salary, a lot of teams (even the Reds) are or are trying to do so. If that is, is the improving economic situation a factor, or have we all overestimated the impact of the recession on baseball? If so, will players start getting higher salaries next off-season?

– Lots of talk about the Cliff Lee deal yesterday, and a lot of criticism heading Cleveland’s way. Now, I understand the “not getting enough back” criticism, and that part is fine. But I don’t understand why everyone thinks the Indians would have competed next season. Even if Jake Westbrook is healthy, could you really count on him and Fausto Carmona to be the 2 and 3 guys in that rotation for next season? There are no other legitimate starting options (Carl Pavano, Jeremy Sowers, et al. are not very good) there. And for a team seemingly strapped for cash, they won’t be able to go out and nab a top-notch starting pitcher to complement Lee. So, do you really think Cleveland was going to compete next season anyway? Instead, the Indians gave themselves two arms (one that will go in the rotation next season and one that is a bit away) and a decent middle infielder and catcher that can be used as trade fodder for another starting pitcher in the off-season, and with a young nucleus behind Grady Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo, Matt LaPorta, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Carlos Santana (who will all be there for another 4-6 years), the Indians are trying to bulk up the number of pitching prospects, hoping they will team with Alex White to be a decent rotation in 2-3 years. Again, maybe they didn’t get enough back, but I don’t think they were going to compete next year anyway.

– Lots of shock at the Freddy Sanchez-Tim Alderson deal yesterday. Color me one of the people surprised that Nick Sabean gave up such a good young pitcher, but Keith Law makes a good point about Alderson’s step (or steps) back this season. So, maybe it was a fair deal for Sanchez, who is underrated and is worth about 3.5-4 wins a season. But the point being left out in this is did Sabean have to give up Alderson. I doubt he did, and I bet Neil Huntington felt pretty good about his coup yesterday. He probably thought he’d get a couple decent prospects back. As for Alderson, I imagine that his body hasn’t responded well to the 145 IP that occurred last season. If he bounces back, that trade could be huge for the Pirates. All of this said, the Giants traded from a position of strength at the deadline and still have pitching to burn.

– Lots of talk about Roy Halladay, but no deal appears imminent. Still a day to go and there might be some posturing going on, but I’m impressed with JP Ricciardi. He said he would have to be wowed, and when he wasn’t, he didn’t just take the best deal on the table because it was there. It’s not a hard thing to do, especially after all the talk recently, but when he didn’t get what he wanted, he stepped back. With the pitching coming back to Toronto next season, this is the anti-Cleveland Indians. Adding one more good starting pitcher to team up with Halladay, Ricky Romero, and others could make the Blue Jays into contenders. Of course, I retain the right to change my opinion if Ricciardi reverses course on this and acts like every other GM.

– I still think a Lyle Overbay for Casey Kotchman trade should be in order, but if the Blue Jays keep Halladay, that becomes awfully unlikely. The two players are very similar, but Overbay is a bit better with the stick while Kotchman is a bit better (though Overbay is better with the stick than Kotchman is with the glove) with the leather. However, the Braves would take on the additional salary, and the Blue Jays receive an extra year from Kotchman that they wouldn’t have received from Overbay. When Overbay leaves, Freddie Freeman should be able to step in. Am I missing something here?

– Anyone else think tomorrow should still be fun? There’s this feeling inside me thinking that the Rays and Red Sox will try to do outdo each other. Both have a lot of prospects, and I imagine that 2 of Halladay, Victor Martinez, and Adrian Gonzalez end up in the AL East by 5 PM tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Rounding the Bases”

  1. Ron Rollins Says:

    Dayton Moore, in the interest of returning the Royals to their glory days, has announced a trade that will go down as the greatest theft in history.

    Citing the David Cone for Ed Hearn trade of 21 years ago, he has now traded Zack Greinke straight up for Omir Santos, back up catcher for the Mets.

    Moore states the trade will be beneficial to the Royals as the Hearn trade was, citing the fact taht Santos can stablize the catching position for years to come.

    When asked why he made the trade, Moore stated that it was due tot he fact that so many fans continutely point to the glory days of the Royals. Moore felt this trade would be a bit of nostaligia that would energize the fan base.

    In other news, he has retroactively sent George Brett to the minors, and DFA'd Bret Saberhagen.

    Reaction among Kansas City fans is mixed.

    Some want to hang him. Other suggest tarring and feathering first.

  2. tHeMARksMiTh Says:

    As long as they don't forget about the process.

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