Weekend Reading

Because we should all have some more Ziggy in our lives.

I’m sure most people try to get out and do something on the weekends, but I know that weather/apathy/lethargy sometimes sets in and changes plans. If that happens to you, here’s some good stuff to read over the weekend.

– I didn’t realize this until the other day, but Cardboard Gods is back up. After (I guess) finishing his book, Josh Wilker has started writing on the site again. I’ll probably spend a while this weekend reading through the 8 or so posts I’ve missed.

– I went looking around for some history on the Trade Deadline. I wanted to know when it started and why, but I really couldn’t find anything. I suppose most of it has to do with the glut of stuff going up at this point in the year anyway on the subject. I thought about doing some stuff on past deals, but luckily, Lar did all the work over at Wezen-Ball. He’s got an awesome series of posts up this week covering several major deals and how they were viewed at the time. Short version, some things never change.

– If you want something a bit less baseball, I’d recommend reading Drown and/or The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, both by Junot Diaz. They are not sequels, but you do meet two of the characters in Oscar Wao that were originally in Drown. Both books center on the issue of immigration and the questions of assimilating into a new country, but I like Drown more than Oscar Wao. Diaz has a real knack for language, and they’re both worth checking out and neither take very long to read.


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