This Day in Baseball History: August 5th, 1901

Burt Hart, on Urban Dictionary, means paranoid failure. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

On August 5, 1901:

Burt Hart punches umpire John Haskell.

Burt Hart and John Haskell share something in common — 1901 was their only season in the major leagues. I’m not sure why Haskell didn’t umpire anymore after 1901, but says that 1901 was his only season. However, we do know why Hart didn’t last.

In his only season in Baltimore, Hart only played 58 games. He was a pretty good hitter with a .311/.383/.374, but he doesn’t appear to have been a particularly good fielder. As for a minor-league career, he only spent 48 games in Wheeling, but he mashed there with a .364 batting average and 15 doubles. And honestly, at age 31, he probably wasn’t going to play for too long in the major leagues anyway, but his uncontrolled rage would lead to a quicker ouster from baseball.

During a game on August 5th, 1901, Hart nailed a ball into the gap and raced around the bases to third, but when he got there, he was tagged out. Well, at least the umpire John Haskell believed he was out. Believing the opposite, Hart lost control and punched the umpire before he could be restrained. He would later be banned for life from the game.

Trivia Time
What current major leaguer was suspended indefinitely in 2006 for throwing his bat at the home plate umpire?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Donated 2 paintings to the Easter Seals that raised over $60,000.


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