This Day in Baseball History: August 11th, 1982

It would have been awesome if his number was 16 or if he lost 2 more games.

On August 11, 1982:

Terry Felton loses again.

Terry Felton had a rough major-league career. For bits of four seasons, Felton tried his hand as a major-league pitcher, but his 5.35 ERA and 77 ERA+ pretty much tell you most of the story. From 1979-1981, he made a grand total of 7 appearances (they weren’t very good), but he somehow managed to grab the swingman position on the California Angels staff for 1982. 48 appearances later, the Angels realized that Felton and his 4.99 ERA could go.

But Felton did manage to set a couple of major-league records, but because I love me some schadenfreude, they aren’t good records. The first is the most losses to start a career without also winning a game somewhere in there. Guy Morton set the original record back in the 1910’s with 13 losses, but Felton would end up losing 16 straight to begin his career. Oh, I forgot to mention — Felton never won a major-league game. His 16 losses were his only decisions. However, his 55 appearances to start a career without a win is not the worst in history. Vic Darensbourg went 123 appearances to start his career.

The other record he set was the most losses in a career without ever winning, at least for the time. Since then, this record has been taken away from him, and he now sits 6th on the all-time list. Juan Alvarez and Ed Olwine went 80 games in their careers, and they never won a game. Poor guys.

Trivia Time
There is, remarkably, a Curse of Terry Felton. What minor-league team “suffers” this curse?

Yesterday’s Answer –> Tom Seaver with 10. Apparently, just ask Ron, and he’ll tell you all about it.


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